Welcome to EKC2022!
I’d like to inform some useful information prior to departure to be here in Marseille, the capital of Mediterranean region.

1. Weather
During the conference period, July 19-22, the day temperature is 33°C high that is about 5 degrees higher than usual. Since it has a Mediterranean climate, the humidity is lower than that of Korea, so you can feel cool in the shade.

2. Transportation

As the summer tourist season, there are heavy traffic during rush hours. To take taxi, ask to your hotel which is most effective. UBER and the similar transport system Bolt, FREENOW are also useful way for the étrangers.

3. Venue

1) By Air : Aéroport Marseille Provence – Palais du Pharo (25km, 30 minutes by taxi, excluding commuting hours, about €50)

- By public transportation, arrive at the central station (Gare Marseille Saint-Charles) by intercity bus and then take bus (N°82S) or metro + walk (1 hour 15 minutes, €11.70)

2) By Train : Gare Marseille Saint-Charles – Palais du Pharo (4km, 15 minutes by taxi, about €15-€20)

- By public transport : Bus (N°82S), Metro + Walk (€1.70)

* Marseille taxi driver prefers to pay in cash. Although there is a card payment system, it does not work well and it takes a long time to process the card payment, but it is possible.

* The UBER system, which does not require cash payment, is convenient for Korean tourists.

4. Information on COVID-19 Prevention:

- Wearing a mask at the conference is your choice (not compulsory). Therefore, I ask you to prepare your own mask.

- How to get the certificate of RAT (rapid antigen test). This is called “Auto-Test” in French which is required for re-entry to Korean airport.

- You can find the guidance leaflet at the reception desk how to perform the test near by the Palais du Pharo. There is a pharmacy that can issues the RAT certificate in English version. Test fee is €20

* The nearest pharmacy to the venue: Pharmacie Catalans Plage - Paul METZ, Tel 04 9131 2630, 8:30am-12:30pm, 2:00pm-7:30pm, (Google map : https://maps.app.goo.gl/9WJ4qgyBZ3qcf2ff6)

5. The personal security to avoid pickpocketing

- Most of the large cities in France are prone to pickpockets as like Marseille, located in the Mediterranean Sea. Do not give away your belongings (bag, PC, cell phone, wallet) to avoid a target for pickpockets. (Take your bag all the time even when you are going to the bathroom at public places.)

- Pickpockets target tourists who have flaws in their personal clothes or strange behavior.

- Pickpockets target tourists who have flaws in their personal objects or strange behavior.


Hope this information be helpful for your planning to trip. You may have an additional information soon.
Enjoy your journey to the Mediterranean Sea, full of summer sunshine, here in Marseille.


Jong-Wook LEE
EKC2022 Managing Director
+336 8012 4359